What can I buy on FanWagn?

FanWagn is a marketplace to buy and re-sell new, like-new, and gently-worn fan apparel worn from head to knees. Items for sale include hats, scarves, tops, pants, jackets, and jerseys.

Our shop is a great way to save 40-90% on fanwear that supports your favorite sports teams, athletes, and events. When you buy something on FanWagn, you’re buying it directly from the seller-- they’ll ship it to you within a few days after placing your order.

What are the benefits of registering an account on FanWagn?

When you create an account on FanWagn, you can customize your profile to share your favorite teams and sports – but also your favorite apparel types, fit, and even colors.

We’ll continue to add more customization attributes to your profile so that we can help you find the best next item of fan apparel to add to your closet.

Logged-in users can also “heart” to save their favorite items found in the Shop.

Once you have a shopper’s profile, you can also sign up to be a Seller and pass on your own greatly loved fan wear to other fans.

Can I offer to buy the item for less than the seller asks?

Not at this time. We will consider adding Offers to the marketplace based on seller and buyer feedback.

How does payment work?

Payment on FanWagn is safe and easy for buyers and sellers. You can use any credit or debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay to buy an item. FanWagn holds the money until the seller ships the order. Once the order is delivered, sellers are paid for the sale. You can also use your earnings from selling items to shop on FanWagn.

How does shipping work?

All items ship directly from the individual sellers.

The shipping options and estimated prices will be listed directly under the item price, so there are fewer surprises at checkout.

After you buy an item, we’ll email the seller.

They can generate a prepaid shipping label that they’ll use to ship the item.

We ask all sellers to ship within 1-4 business days of making a sale, and most do (some even same day!).

If you’re worried an item won’t arrive on time, we encourage you to message the seller and ask for a shipping ETA before you buy.

Sellers are paid after the tracking updates show the order has been delivered.

You may be able to track your item after it ships through the app.

What is the return policy?

All sales on FanWagn are final unless the item does not match the listing, arrives damaged, or is never shipped. With that said, we guarantee buyers a free return and full refund if their item wasn’t described accurately by the seller.

If your item was described accurately by the seller, but it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it for any reason, just let us know within seven days, and we can waive the seller’s fee for you so you can re-list it!

Does FanWagn charge a fee to shop?

Yes, the FanWagn fee for buyers is 7% of the order value. We use this fee to run our platform and provide our buyers and sellers with top-notch customer support. Buyers also pay for the shipping based on your preference of carrier and time in transit. Sellers pay a commmission fee and transaction fee when an item sells.

I have a lot to sell. Can you help me set up my store?

  • For sellers with more extensive inventory (more than 25 items):
    • FanWagn offers a dedicated seller concierge service to help you set up your shop and manage your inventory on FanWagn.
    • You can earn preferred commission rates by joining the website before April 1, 2024.
    • Your input is valuable to help us make FanWagn the best marketplace for sellers. We’ll seek your feedback, and in return, our team is always here to answer your questions and provide support.
    • Have access to a growing community of fans looking for the best sports fan gear on the market.
    • Be first in line for new features and updates to help your business grow.
  • Are you ready to sell your sports fan apparel to fans like yourself? Sign up as a FanWagn Seller today and a Concierge representative will contact you to start building your shop.

What information should I include in my product listings?

To write compelling product descriptions, follow these tips:

  • Use descriptive language to highlight the apparel item, including era or year, associated team, player, or event details.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords to improve discoverability.
  • Provide complete product listings with required and suggested information, including photos and details.
  • Include up to six high-quality photos per item, featuring the front and back views, neck tag, logo detail, inside tag, and up-close flaws.
  • Fill in all required fields such as the primary photo, short headline, product description, tag size, sport/league/team/event represented, manufacturer, color (primary color and up to three additional colors), and sale price.
  • Consider adding recommended details like measurements (neck, chest, length) and original price.

By following these guidelines, you can create appealing and informative product listings that attract potential customers and enhance their shopping experience.

Is there a seller dashboard or analytics tool to track my sales and performance?

Yes, our marketplace provides a comprehensive Seller Dashboard with an analytics tool. The Dashboard allows you to track and analyze your sales performance, monitor inventory, view order history, and access valuable insights to optimize your selling strategy.

Can you help me write my product descriptions?

Kinda! We want product descriptions to reflect your history with the apparel, including your favorite stories and memories of the item. Best practices are to use descriptive language to highlight the apparel item, including era or year, associated team, player, or event details. Adding relevant keywords will make it easier for customers to find your products. You can use ChatGPT or another AI tool to craft your product descriptions. Write a prompt with details such as item condition, special features, team and league names, and your unique story or connection to the item. Or fill in the blanks to use ours! (Chat GPT Plus subscribers can use our custom \\\"FanWagn Inventory Assistant\\\" for building listings based on item photos) Hi ChatGPT, I’m listing a sports apparel item on FanWagn and need to create a compelling, keyword-rich product description. Here are the details: Photo of the item: [Upload the main image of the apparel item here] Team/Event/College represented: [Provide the name of the sports team, event, or college] Type of apparel: [Mention if it’s a jersey, t-shirt, hoodie, cap, etc.] Brand/Manufacturer: [State the brand or manufacturer of the item] Size and Fit: [Indicate the size and fit, e.g., large, slim fit] Color(s): [Describe the primary and secondary colors] Notable features: [Include any special features like signatures, limited edition badges, etc.] Quality: [Describe the item condition, ranging from New with Tags to Play condition] Item Description and Story: [Briefly share any story or significance the item might have to you personally] Based on this information, please write a product description that includes: An engaging opening sentence. A detailed description of the item’s appearance and features. Any relevant story or background that adds to the item’s appeal. Information on the condition and quality of the item.