FANWAGN Launches Innovative Re-commerce Marketplace for Sports Fan Apparel


(PORTLAND, OR, AUGUST 1, 2023) – FANWAGN, the innovative online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand sports fan apparel, is thrilled to announce that its platform is now live and open for business. In line with its mission to promote sustainability and inclusivity, FANWAGN invites sports fans, vintage retailers, and resellers across the United States to create profiles, shop and list fan apparel items for sale.

FANWAGN’s timely launch coincides with the excitement surrounding Team USA’s participation in the Women’s World Cup and the back-to-college season. The platform invites fans to show their support and spirit for their favorite teams, whether on the global stage or at their beloved university, more affordably and sustainably.

“Every piece of sports apparel has a story to tell,” says founder Lauren Teague. “With a foundational belief that ‘we are what we wear,’ FANWAGN offers a platform for those stories to continue, connecting fans through shared fandom. Whether it’s cheering on Team USA or representing your university, our marketplace allows these items and their stories to live on in an eco-friendly and inclusive way.”

FANWAGN is dedicated to transforming how sports fans exchange and interact with fan apparel. By connecting buyers and sellers directly, FANWAGN extends the life of fan apparel and contributes to a circular economy, promoting sustainability in the textile and retail industry.

Join FANWAGN today and celebrate the love of the game in a whole new way. Visit to create a profile, start browsing, and give pre-loved fan apparel a second chance at glory.


Founded by sports industry veteran Lauren Teague, FANWAGN is a re-commerce marketplace that intersects the sports fanwear industry and the increasing secondhand retail market. The platform offers a unique opportunity to buy and sell sports fan apparel, promoting sustainability, inclusivity, and a love for the game. For more information, visit