’98 Camo Lakers Rodman #73 Hardwood Classics (2XL)

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Step into the arena with the swagger of a basketball rebel—the ’98 Lakers Dennis Rodman Jersey in a rare camouflage edition. This isn’t your everyday sports memorabilia; it’s a symbol of defiance, a jersey that tells a story of a season as unpredictable and enthralling as ‘The Worm’ himself.

Feel the legacy of the Lakers and the audacity of Rodman with every wear, a combination that speaks to those who play by their own rules.

Unleash the spirit of the ’98 season, when the boards were Rodman’s realm, and the court was a canvas for his unique brand of basketball artistry.

– Rare camouflage design represents Dennis Rodman’s unique and bold personality.
– Official ’98-’99 season Hardwood Classics tag ensures authenticity and collectible status.
– Crafted by Mitchell & Ness, known for high-quality vintage apparel, preserving the touch of history.
– Exclusive #73, a reminder of Rodman’s brief yet impactful stint with the Lakers.
– Eco-friendly option to honor past sports legends sustainably.

This jersey combines the excitement of Lakers basketball with Dennis Rodman’s iconic presence. Add it to your collection to make new memories!

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