Dallas Stars Retro Hoodie by Old Time Hockey (M)

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Apparel size:

Chest: 15.5" Sleeves: 18" Length: 23"

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Product description

Embrace the Stars’ spirit with this cozy Dallas Stars Long Sleeve Hoodie by Old Time Hockey. Tailored in a feminine fit, this Women’s Medium hoodie is a blend of comfort and fandom, making it a perfect pick for the avid Stars fan. Its classic green and white color scheme reflects the iconic Dallas Stars’ colors, while the chic lace-up chest detail adds a touch of vintage appeal.

This hoodie has not only witnessed the action but has been a part of the roaring excitement at several Dallas Stars games at the American Airlines Center. Although pre-loved, it’s in fair condition, ready to accompany you to many more games before it takes its honorable retirement, much like some of our favorite Dallas Stars legends. Each wear holds a story, each game a memory, making this hoodie not just a piece of apparel but a slice of the exhilarating on-ice drama.

Whether you’re heading to the next game or just stepping out on a chilly day, this hoodie keeps the Stars’ spirit high and the Texas chill low. It’s not just a hoodie; it’s your badge of loyalty, your warm hug of Stars’ camaraderie, a true fan’s choice.


Product Details:

Brand: Old Time Hockey

Fit: Feminine

Size: Women’s Medium

Color: Green and White

Condition: Fair

Special Feature: Lace-up chest detail

History: Worn to several Dallas Stars games at the AAC

Relive the Stars’ glorious moments and create new ones with this cherished hoodie. Hop on the fan wagon, grab this hoodie, and let’s keep the Stars’ legacy alive together!

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