Set up your FanWagn Seller Account:

  1. Sign up as a FanWagn customer, and then accept the Seller settings.
  2. Use the Setup Wizard to build your storefront as a FanWagn seller with accurate and complete information about you and your products.

Organize Your Inventory

  1. Prepare Your Product
    • Clean and inspect your item for any damage or wear.
    • Iron or steam to remove wrinkles if necessary.
  2. Take High-Quality Photos
    • Use good lighting to capture clear, detailed images.
    • Use hangers or a mannequin to display your apparel. White walls or simple backgrounds work best.
    • Include a featured image and up to 5 additional photos showing different angles and any specific details or branding.
    • If there are details, interesting front/back views, or quality flaws, include those in the photos.
    • Make sure photos are well-framed and focused.
    • Include the following photos in your listing for best results:
      • Front view
      • Back view
      • Neck tag
      • Logo detail (sleeve, chest, or patch) 
      • Inside tag 
      • Up-close flaws 

Listing Your Second Fan Fashion

Write compelling product descriptions:

Use descriptive language to highlight the apparel item, including era or year, associated team, player, or event details. Adding relevant keywords will make it easier for customers to find your products. 

You can use ChatGPT or another AI tool to craft your product descriptions. Write a prompt with details such as item condition, special features, team and league names, and your unique story or connection to the item. Or fill in the blanks to use ours! (Chat GPT Plus subscribers can use our custom MyGPT Assistant for listings based on item photos)

Hi ChatGPT, I’m listing a sports apparel item on FanWagn and need to create a compelling, keyword-rich product description. Here are the details:

  • Photo of the item: [Upload the main image of the apparel item here]
  • Team/Event/College represented: [Provide the name of the sports team, event, or college]
  • Type of apparel: [Mention if it’s a jersey, t-shirt, hoodie, cap, etc.]
  • Brand/Manufacturer: [State the brand or manufacturer of the item]
  • Size and Fit: [Indicate the size and fit, e.g., large, slim fit]
  • Color(s): [Describe the primary and secondary colors]
  • Notable features: [Include any special features like signatures, limited edition badges, etc.]
  • Quality: [Describe the item condition, ranging from New with Tags to Play condition]
  • Item Description and Story: [Briefly share any story or significance the item might have to you personally]

Based on this information, please write a product description that includes:

  1. An engaging opening sentence.
  2. A detailed description of the item’s appearance and features.
  3. Any relevant story or background that adds to the item’s appeal.
  4. Information on the condition and quality of the item.

Price your products competitively: Research the prices of similar products listed and sold on FanWagn or other marketplaces, and set your prices accordingly. Buyers also pay for shipping of their choice, and an order fee is added at checkout.

Incentivizing Sales: You can choose to put your items on Sale anytime. You choose the schedule and the discount. When we do site-wide sales, we’ll work with you to ensure you can opt-out or your commissions are covered.

Get familiar with the Seller Dashboard:

The Seller Dashboard is the home for FanWagn sellers to manage all activities related to your own FanWagn shop.

  • Manage and edit your entire inventory and individual product listings.
  • Track current and past orders.
  • Update shop information and shipping options 
  • Message directly with customers 
  • View sales and inventory metrics
  • Add payment information and withdraw earnings 
  • Refer others to join FanWagn as sellers or buyers 

Embrace the community of fans

Offer excellent customer service: Respond to customer messages and questions promptly and professionally. Provide clear and detailed information about your products and shipping timelines.

Shop the site: We hope sellers will search for and discover can’t-miss items on FanWagn from the teams and events you love. Sellers who use their FanWagn earnings to purchase new items will receive a 10% credit towards purchases.