Work With Us

Welcome to FanWagn! We are a re-commerce marketplace startup company looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. We are seeking interns to build our core team that will lead this startup to create a better fan experience!

We strive to create a better world by providing sustainable options for fans to represent their favorite sports. We believe in doing good and being better humans, so we strive to create a marketplace that benefits sports fans and contributes to the greater good of our planet. We’re all about inclusivity, ensuring everyone can access sports regardless of body type, gender, or ethnicity.

At FanWagn, we’re passionate about creating circular options that make being a fan more fun and less harmful to our earth. We’re innovators, using technology and data to add value and create a better customer shopping experience. But above all, we’re fans building products for fans because we know the importance of the game(s) and what it means to us.

Roles we’re interested in talking about:

  • Head of Product
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Sales Concierge
  • Marketing Lead

We want to hear from you if you’re passionate about sustainability, innovation, and sports. Submit your LinkedIn profile or resume to inquire about working with FanWagn. We’re excited to grow our team and create a better future for sports fans everywhere.