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We are what we wear.

Passionately connecting fans with pre-loved authentic college and sports merchandise, FanWagn is revolutionizing how fandom is expressed – sustainably. Join us today to give pre-loved sports apparel new life from fan to fan and closet to closet.

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Innovative Second Fan Fashion™️: A New Era in Sports Fandom

Fandom Is Better Shared

At FanWagn, we recognize that sports fandom is a journey of belonging and community. The gear fans wear is more than attire; it symbolizes loyalty and passion for their favorite teams and sports. Each item in our sustainable fan apparel marketplace represents these deep connections.

Sustainable Choices, Memorable Stories

But it’s more than just clothing; it’s about expressing a unique fan identity. FanWagn celebrates this spirit by offering a sustainable choice for fan apparel. Every jersey, cap, and scarf tells a story: stories of triumphant victories, shared joy and heartbreak, and unforgettable moments.

Relive the Memories, Create New Ones

By choosing Second Fan Fashion™️, you’re not just buying an item; you’re inheriting its legacy and adding your chapter to its history. Our platform revitalizes pre-loved team gear, fostering meaningful fan-to-fan connections and championing sustainable fashion in sports.

A Community Beyond Commerce

FanWagn isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a space where memories are shared so new ones can be made. It’s where the love for the game meets eco-conscious fashion choices, creating a vibrant community of fans who proudly say, “We are what we wear!